About Global Certification

Global Certification is completely autonomous in offering its certification services which are designed to ascertain the current status of a Client’s Management, Product and other systems.  Its impartiality is assured by the Advisory Board made up of key stakeholders of Global Certification who review the programs and provide recommendations to the Board of Directors to enhance and continually improve its programs. Selected members of the Advisory Board adjudicate any appeals to ensure the process is transparent and impartial.

We maintain management processes and authorities, linked to annual strategic and business plans and budgets, which sets goals for performance, allocates resources in line with company priorities and resource constraints, monitors performance and effectiveness of Global Certification’s management system, and initiates actions to drive continuous improvement in both company processes and the Management System.

We have a wide choice of specialist auditors available throughout Australia, so when it comes to assessing your business for certification, Global Certification will ensure that the auditor who assesses your management system for certification has experience in your industry.

Here at Global Certification we believe that even though our audits are compliance audits, they are conducted in a professional but friendly manner and are seen as a value adding exercise by our clients. We ensure that our auditors come from your specific industry and are matched to your specific requirements which ensure the audit will be beneficial to your business.

Global Certification has been structured in a way to minimize our costs so we can pass on these savings to you.  We have made it our policy not to burden our clients with costs that do not add value to their organisation.